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If you extract this package , you will know why : Best regards! Форум 2009 Форум 2010 Форум 2014 Форум 2011 Форум 2009 Форум 2009 Форум 2014 Форум 2009 Форум 2010 Форум 2009 -. I am getting lost with all these partitions with linux systems. Thanks All : Change. He added a dot in the last maybe by mistake. Note that, as in the preceding example, the version number is sometimes preceded with the letter u, and sometimes it is preceded with an underbar, for example, jre1. I'm sorry to break this thread. JCSOH wrote 3 years ago kraulain wrote 2 years ago mocabilly wrote: 1. Thanks for you suggestion. According you saied ,I got error". I have a ATI Radeon HD 4330 512 mb GPU. Finally found mobile, speed enough pocket OS and then can't install essential programs like krusader for example. Today I get ATI slackware package and make ati. Also the dependency tracking will no longer be automatic, I'll leave it to the module creator to specify which other modules are needed to run his one. Today I get ATI slackware package and make ati. I will repair and then try again. Not sure about your command to start smbd; you shouldn't have to, when it's working then rc. And I don't think video drivers are kernel specific as this worked in my laptop. Because Chinese make it :P jcsoh wrote: Your links gives 404 not found message. You must compile it from source.

If you were trying to mount your 4 Gb USB key and df -h now shows the device is 150 Gb.

However, "Software Center" is not found in the K menu anywhere. Thanks in advance, Manfred aka Quax Mufeed Ali wrote 3 years ago jcsoh wrote: "But this way no fit for ATI driver. But it can't work : If you have time ,please check my steps Thanks : I use this module presently and it works for me! Thanks All : Change. Check with df -h to make sure you mounted the right one. Graphic driver are kernel specific , meaning they need to be compile for specific kernel, so if Porteus is using a different kernel version from slax 7 it won't work. But to be fair, you'd be better off to stick with Porteus at least until Tomas is done with his project. If possible ,can you give me some suggestions? After checking the log files, it appears that I'm having a problem with authentification. That would mean that changing lzm to sb should be sufficient. Thanks for you suggestion.

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Em is a prolific slax modules uploader , so be sure he knows what he is talking about, wrote 3 years ago jcsoh wrote: Em repplied ATI drivers is a kernel relative bundle.
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